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Let’s Talk About Quitting and The Related Emotions

It is exactly two weeks since I quit my job. It is the first job I got upon clearing university without any qualification or skill related to the field. My employer was kind enough to take a gamble and he trained me on the various skills. I will forever be grateful for the three years…


As I was locking the gate, I could see two men seated by the estate gate this morning. I was the only person on the road and I was late to my morning class. Therefore, I had no choice but walk confidently despite my fears. The men looked dirty and had a sack by their…


I had a good morning, but as soon as I stepped out of the morning class, I felt the telltales, a headache was knocking. When I got home, I took some breakfast since as I was leaving earlier on I felt nauseous. As I prepared lunch for the family, I began to feel nauseous and…

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