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This is a blog on current feels. As I write this, my heart is beating, myriad of thoughts are rushing in my mind. I know I should seek out other job opportunities, but I am afraid. I am so afraid of taking risks, and it’s been five days since I stopped myself from asking forContinue reading “Afraid”

Hello September

It’s the second day of September, a quiet evening seated in my room, wondering what to do with my night. I believe it is not yet late to wish you a happy new month. It has been a while since I blogged, and I can attribute this to the lazy feels during August. I haveContinue reading “Hello September”

Street Harassment

The fear and panic that one experiences as those rough hands reach out to grab your hand or jacket are unexplainable. The feeling of disrespect that comes from having unwanted comments regarding your hair, dressing code, or body is insurmountable. The catcalls and kissing noises as you pass by are irritating. Having to walk fastContinue reading “Street Harassment”

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