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Finally Moving Out

I woke up yesterday morning, and I felt the need to move out. I moved back home two years ago unwillingly when I could not manage to sustain myself. I had just cleared Uni, and I was new at freelancing. Hence, I couldn’t manage to pay rent, electricity bills, phone bills, internet bills and feedContinue reading “Finally Moving Out”


Wow!!! What a Saturday. I began my day as a typical working day, and everything has just come crumbling down. At times the mind gets tired of believing it is strong, and I think that is what has happened today. My man and I have been busy, and we have had to do with shortContinue reading “Breakdown”


Wow!!! I have just come across this short draft written six months ago and never published. Seating on edge after an unproductive day, all she could manage to do was crawl into her bed and drift off to sleep. Ella was a strong lady, and here she was, broken. She was tired of wearing aContinue reading “Ella”

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